Day Spa Services by New Trend

We are dedicated to providing you with the most sanitary environment for all of our skin care services. All of our implements are disinfected and sanitized because we care about the health of our clients. The products selected for our treatments are of the highest quality.

Spa services are available with Lindsey on Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Please call 302.998.3331 at your earliest convenience.


Our facials are beneficial to sensitive skin, rosacia, acne, or aging skin. They offer antioxidants, and a natural form of benzoyle peroxide. More than a refreshing retreat... cell turnover is increased and your skin's immune system is boosted. A facial hydrates, exfoliated, and revitalizes the skin, while stimulating collagen production.

European Facial $60.00

Flavored Facial $60.00

Anti-Aging Facial $70.00
Includes deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, skin analysis, aromatherapy steamer, massage & customized mask.

Dermaplaning $30.00 removes the fine hairs and dead skin from your face.

High Frequency $35.00

Ear Candling $35.00


Microdermabrasion is a mechanical method of exfoliation that uses a powerful vacuum to spray micro crystals across the skin's surface. This procedure removes the outermost layer of skin cells and stimulates cell growth.

  • Helps give a smoother, fresher appearance to the skin
  • Diminishes appearance of sun damage
  • Reduces fine lines/wrinkles
  • Minimizes enlarged pores

Single Session $100.00
3 sessions $270.00
5 sessions $400.00


Brow, Lip, or Chin Pricing is $9.00 each

Bikini, Underarm or Half Arm $22.00 each

Half Leg or Full Arm $32.00 each

Back or Chest $40.00+

Full Leg $52.00
* 1/4" of growth is recommended to perform successful hair removal

Eyebrow Tinting $12.00

Eyelash Tinting $15.00

Eyelash Extensions

Our talented girls have been trained and certified to give you the most realistic eyelashes at the best prices around. Call us today to set up your appointment at 302-998-3331.

Classic Lashes vs. Volume Lashes

With a "classic" set of extensions, one extension hair is applied to one natural eyelash. So if you have 100 hairs per eye, we will give you 100 extended lashes.

With "volume" extensions, we can add 2-6 extensions hair to each natural eyelash. So if you have 100 hairs per eye, we can give you 200-600 extended lashes. The lashes we use for a volume set are much thinner and lighter than what we use for a classic set, so they feel lighter and soft. This is great for people with very sparse eyelashes and still want it to look natural, or for clients who already have a lot of eyelashes but want a fuller, more glamorous look.

"Classic" Full Set: $119 (1 hour)
2 week Fills:$45
3 week Fills: $55

"Volume" Full Set: $150 (2 hours)
2 week Fills: $65
3-4 week Fills: $85
5-6 week Fills: $100

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